Winter Wetlook by a Cool Girl Dressed in Warm Clothes and Boots

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    Quantity:129 pcs
    Quality:Ultra HD (3840x2160)
    Content Type:Photo (JPEG)
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    Lenght:15:19 min
    Quality:Full HD (1920x1080)
    Content Type:Video (MPEG4)
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    This is our new wetlook model Nastia. This girl is fond of sports, so she is very active and slim. The girl was carefully prepared for this shooting and brought a huge amount of different clothes, so it was very difficult to choose only one outfit. But finally, we chose a black leather skirt, red blouse, pantyhose and boots with high heels. The wetlook model also dressed in a black leather jacket. The girl loves to be photographed, so as soon as I took the camera, she immediately began to actively move and change poses. Then the girl in leather skirt and jacket filled the bath with water and lowered her legs inside. Water gradually began to soak through the leather of her boots and it gradually became wet. Then the completely dressed girl sat down on the edge of the bath and continued to splash the water on the boots. Then she took the shower and began to pour water on her pantyhose, gradually moving up. We took a super cool wetlook videos of the process of getting wet. Nastia raised her legs up and the water quickly flowed down her wet boots. Then the girl stood under the shower and now all her clothes became completely wet. Drops of water fell on her hair too. She got wet in one second! I was so captured by the shooting process that did not even notice how quickly all girl clothes became completely wet. When the girl's pantyhose, skirt, blouse and girl jacket were completely wet, the girl decided to lie down. This will be mega steep photos. The girl was moving in the water and it looked just incredible. Her wet jacket became hard so she decided to put it off and continued to pose dressing wet red blouse. Girl's leather skirts and pantyhose shone brightly. Then Nastia took off her boots and began to dive under water. It was just amazing, though a bit extreme. I hope that we will continue to shoot with this girl as she really liked the feeling of wet clothes on her body. I hope you will also like her. But now, join and enjoy this wetlook.

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