Brunette Girl in Tight Jeans Overall and Jacket Gets Completely Wet in Bath

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    This is Ruslana and she already has Wetlook experience. I like to work with such girls, because they clearly know what to do in order to look as cool as possible in wet clothes. For today's shooting, we chose one of my most beloved outfits - jeans, overall, pantyhose underneath it, high heeled boots and black leather jacket. Such a tight overall maximally emphasizes all the advantages of girl's figure. To be honest, the wetlook model looks very sexy in this jeans clothes. So let's start our wetting. The fully clothed girl approached the bath, took a shower and began to pour water on her boots. When her shoes gradually became wet, the young girl began to move up and pour water on jeans, which gradually became wet and changed the color. Wet jeans tightly stuck to the girl's buttocks and become brilliant. The girl in wet boots often changed poses and was very flexible and active, so we made a lot of successful photos. Then the wetlook model knelt down in a bath and then decided to lie down and pour some foam into the water. The girl's leather jacket immediately began to absorb water and became wet and heavy. Now, when there is no dry place on the girl's overall and jacket, we decided to slightly diversify our shooting and paint the water. The girl in completely wet clothes lay down. The brunette girl raised and lowered her long legs, which looked fantastic. The water quickly flowed down girl's jeans when she raised up. You just have to see it. Well, you have such an opportunity, because we took an action video of all the moments of girl's wetting. At the end of the wetlook shooting, the girl in soaking wet overall and jacket lowered her hair in the water, and it also became dripping wet. The model also put off wet boots and showed us her wet pantyhose. Join to watch girl's superposing and cool action video.

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