Double Jeans Wetlook with Completely Wet Girl swimming in the Lake

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    Lenght:15:27 min
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    I am happy to introduce you our new outdoor shooting. And this charming girl is our new Wetlook model. Angelina is an extremely beautiful student with a luxurious long hair and slim figure. We hesitated a long time with the choice of clothes to become wet in, as the girl brought a lot of different pairs of jeans. As a result, we decided to be creative and put on two pairs of jeans - black super skinny and the second one - blue boyfriend jeans. The girl also put on pantyhose, but despite this, she looked very slim. The girl also dressed in dark green t-shirt, black leather jacket and sneakers. It was very interesting and intriguing, because I already have no experience of shooting with the girls, wearing two pairs of jeans. After a brief posing in the sand, girl's clothes gradually became dirty and the young lady went into the water. Entering the lake, the fully clothed girl felt that her sneakers slowly were filled with water and became wet inside. With every step, Angelina's pantyhose and jeans also became wetter. We took a short Wetlook video of the process of wetting. All these wet feelings were rather unusual for girl, but at the same time, it was funny. The clothes gradually got wet and boyfriend jeans stuck to the girl's feet. Then the Wetlook girl went further into the deep water. Then the model in wet jeans sat down in shallow water and took off her blue jeans. The girl really liked to pose, and she did not even notice how fast the time has passed. When the sun went down, we made a lot of cool pictures. Then the girl in wet clothes went into the deep water. We did a lot of emotional shots. At this time, girl's jacket and T-shirt also got wet. Wet from head to toe, the girl began to have fun and splash the water. When the Wetlook model stood up, the water quickly flowed down her wet jeans. The fully clothed girl loves water very much, so she dived to jump and swim. At this time her clothes and hair became totally wet. From time to time the girl sat down on the beach and contaminated her clothes, and then returned to the water again to wash off the dirt. Angelina jumped and had fun as a child. I really liked the idea of "wearing double clothing". Watch our free preview wetfoto and enjoy this fantastic Wetlook to the fullest.

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