Wetlook by Beautiful Girl in Fully Wet Disco Pants, Jacket and Boots

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    Looking at our free preview photos and videos of this Wetlook photo session you can see a beautiful completely wet girl in winter clothes. I had not shoot girls in such clothes for a long time, so today we decided to put on black shiny disco pants, pantyhose underneath it, gray bodysuit, green jacket and white leather boots with heels. The girl was extremely happy to have experience as a Wetlook model because she always wanted to pose being soaking wet from head to toe. When we went to the bathroom, the girl in a jacket and pants felt that it was very hot here, so she solved to cool down and make her clothes wet as soon as possible. She started with her leather boots and pants. The Wetlook model began to pour water on it. The water flowed down from her pants but it seemed that they were still dry. Her boots filled with water and it was difficult to walk. Then fully clothed girl began to spill water on her jacket and it started to change the color. Girl's posing was really flexible and variable, so it was interesting to work with her. When Wetlook model lied down into the bath, her jacket got wet and very heavy, and water flowed from its pockets and sleeves. I was so fascinated with her wetting so I made a decision to make the action video. From time to time girls in wet pants and jacket took off her shoes and kept on her wetting barefoot. Then she put on her wet boots again. The Wetlook video shows the whole process of getting wet. These were unforgettable impressions for the wet model. At the end, the completely dressed girl took off her wet jacket and swam without it. Finally, the soaking wet girl took off her jacket and wet pants and now she was just in a bodysuit and black pantyhose. The girl's hair got totally wet when she was lying in the bath. At the end of our Wetlook shooting, the fully clothed model stood up and began to pour water on her pantyhose and bodysuit. I am very pleased with this look, especially with this wet disco pants.

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