Wetlook by Young Girl in Skinny Jeans and Jacket Under the Rain

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    I am happy to present my lovely model Yana. For today's Wetlook shooting, we chose casual clothes - dark skinny jeans, light gray golf without bra underneath it, black tights and white sneakers. To begin with, the fully clothed girl sat down on the ground and began to pour sand on her jeans, until they gradually become dirty. Then the young girl put on a brown jacket, but since it was very hot, she decided to cool down in the lake. The Wetlook model slowly descended down from the cliff into the water. Lowering her legs into the lake, the fully clothed girl felt how her sneakers filled with water and got wet. The lower part of the jeans also became wet and changed the color. There was a clear line between wet and dry parts. The girl kept on sitting on the wet sand, until her jeans became completely wet and dirty. In order to wash the dirt away, the fully dressed girl stood up and began to move forward. With every step, her jeans became wetter and cleaner. The Wetlook girl in jeans and jacket walked in the water, enjoying the process of getting wet. Then we took a rubber ring and decided to swim. But the weather was against us. A heavy rainfall started, but we solved not to give up, but continue our shooting. Girl's hair and jacket gradually got soaking wet under the rain. The Wetlook model undid her jacket and began to splash the water on the golf, which immediately became wet and stuck to the naked body. Then the girl stood up neck-deep in the water. It was still raining. But the girl continued to have fun and jump in the water. Her wet jacket absorbed a lot of water and became heavy. Therefore, the girl decided to take off her jacket and kept on shooting wearing golf and jeans. I really liked Jana's posing and hope we will repeat our Wetlook experience. Watch frees photos and videos will show you the atmosphere of the shooting process. And join to watch full action video.

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