Fully Clothed Girl Takes a Bath Wearing Levis Jeans

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    We want to present to you our new WETFOTO model Svetlana. For our wetting, the girl chose the most favorite and comfortable jeans winter outfit - super skinny Levis jeans, black nylons underneath it, bodysuit with no bra, warm jeans jacket and white leather boots. No wonder it's always very hot in the bath, but now she wants to know, how it feels when you're fully dressed with your shoes on. Let's check it out. We partially filled the bath with water and Svetlana stepped inside. It was interesting to observe the girl's reaction when her boots began to be filled with water completely soaking her feet. Turning on the shower, she began to rinse the water ton Levis jeans. Her skinny jeans became wet and changed the color. The Levis girl did not stop at this and continued to get wet more of her clothes. We filmed all this wetting process on the video. Gradually, she moved up to her bodysuit and jacket. The water was beautifully flowing down girl's clothes. Then the fully clothed girl fell into the water and her jeans outfit got completely soaked. These were unusual emotions and relaxation from taking a warm bath. Lying in the water, we poured some foam and made a lot of interesting Wetlook photos and videos. The young lady was playing with foam. Then she put off her boots and showed the nylons on her heels, which were completely wet. Wet Levis jeans looked very nice on the girl's ass. Then she took off her wet and heavy jacket and stayed just in the bodysuit. It looked great. The bodysuit gently clings to the body. In the end, Wetlook model took a shower, and her hair got wet too. The water was flowing down her face, it was amazing. Then we took off Levis jeans and stayed just in wet nylons and bodysuit. This was a super Wetlook shooting. Watch our preview photos and short free video to make sure of it.

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