Soaking Wet Girl in Ripped Jeans Swims in the Pond

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    It was a hot summer day. The sky was cloudy, but we decided to take a chance and go to the lake. We have planed new wetlook shooting for a long time so the rain will not stop us. Moreover, Lisa prepared a sexy outfit for this special occasion. The brunette girl put on skinny jeans, that consist of two parts, black crop top, blue jeans jacket and high heel shoes. To start with, the fully clothed girl lay down on the sand, and her clothes became dirty. However, the wetlook girl wanted to make her clothes wet as soon as possible, so she stood up and went to the lake. The girl has a very nice figure and beautiful appearance, so she looks very impressive in this outfit. I managed to make an action video of the wetting process. You can watch in details, how girl's jeans gradually get wet. The wetlook model gradually went further into the water until her jeans became completely wet. Wet jeans stuck to her ass, and it looked very sexy. The long-haired girl in completely wet ripped jeans splashed the water on her top till it got soaking wet as well. Then Lisa decided to put on her jeans jacket that was still dry. As a result, her jeans jacket became completely wet as well. It was pretty hot, so it was a great pleasure to become wet and cool down. The wetlook girl was very pleased with the process of getting wet. We made a lot of cool pictures and now we are looking forward to our next meeting. Join and enjoy this hot summer shooting with us.

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