Brunette Girl in Wet and Dirty Levis Jeans Has Fun by the Lake

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    This is our new wetlook photo session with this wonderful model Sasha. Every time we thoroughly prepare for the shooting, because we want everything to be at the highest level. So girls bring a lot of clothes, and we choose an interesting outfit, which will look cool when it gets completely wet. And today, when among other things, I noticed these Levis jeans, I immediately realized that this was exactly what we needed. The brunette girl put on dark blue jeans, pantyhose underneath it and gray sweater. The weather was hot and sunny, so Sasha wanted to make her clothes wet as soon as possible in order to cool down. Strolling along the sandy shore, girl's pantyhose became dirty, so she decided to enter the water to wash the sand away. Then the completely dressed girl sat down in the shallow water, and here her Levis jeans and pantyhose gradually became wet and dirty. At that time the girl's jeans gradually got wet and began to shine. We take a few photos of girl's dirty and wet ass, and then the wetlook model stood up and began to move deeper into the lake. Her jeans and pantyhose finally became completely wet. The girl walked waist-deep in the water, so the bottom part of her sweater also became wet. We took a short action video with a lot of splashes. Then the girl in wet Levis jeans went deeper into the lake. Her sweater quickly absorbed water and became completely wet. The girl wetlook raised her hands, and the water quickly flowed down the sleeves. The soaking wet girl was having fun and playing with wet sand. At the end of the shooting, the model decided to put off her wet jeans and continue shooting wearing wet pantyhose and sweater. We made a lot of cool shots and had a really great time. I hope, that there are fans of Levis jeans among our subscribers. If I'm right, this wetlook set is special for you. So join and enjoy this wet model to the fullest.

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