Sexy Brunette in Bright Clothes Has a Fun and Gets Soaking Wet on the Lake

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    This is Lisa and you could have seen her in my previous Wetlook sets. This brunette girl already has the experience of shooting in quite wet clothes, so I'm sure everything will be at the highest level. Moreover, for today's wetting the model chose a cool and bright outfit. Lisa was wearing bright yellow leggings, light jeans shorts, and bright salad vest. The fully clothed girl also put on a baseball cap and gloves. I really liked this outfit, because it perfectly suits her. Lisa is such an active and positive girl that I just can not imagine her in uncomfortable clothes. So, let's get started. To start with, the girl in bright leggings and vest walked through the lake and then approached the water. Having stepped into the water, the girl felt that her leggings gradually began to get wet and changed the color. Then the fully dressed girl began to jump and splash the water, but suddenly fell down. It looked pretty fun, especially since at that moment girl's shorts and vest became wet. When the Wetlook model looked at her leggings, she noticed that it was not still partly dry, but the water flowed down her jeans shorts and vest. When the girl's vest became wet and heavy, the girl decided to take it off and put on a jeans jacket on a wet body. We continued shooting until sunset, so we made a lot of fantastic shots. As I told earlier, Lisa is actively engaged in sport, so her posing was very flexible and varied. The soaking wet girl jumped and had fun in the ake, so her clothes and her hair was completely wet. We spent a great time and got a great pleasure from the process of getting wet. Join to watch all the Wetlook photos and videos.

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