Two Wetlook Girls in Wet High Waisted Jeans Swim Underwater

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    We did not have Wetlook shooting with two girls for a long time, so I decided to remedy the situation and invited those charming sisters to get soaking wet. Girls always wanted to get wet fully clothed, so they immediately agreed. For this Wetlook adventure sister put on sweaters, high-waisted jeans and black tights underneath. Girls never swam in water being fully dressed, so that this shooting was really exciting to them. As soon we got to the room, girls noticed a large pool and immediately wanted to swim there. But at first, we decided to soak their tights in the small pool. Wetlook girls dipped their feet into the water and began to splash the water on each other and have fun. It was very funny and emotional. Their jeans got almost wet. Their tights became wet and brilliant. Then we went to the Jacuzzi where girls started their wet battle. Wet girls actively poured water on each other, in order to make them wet from head to toe. They poured water into their jeans pockets. High-waisted jeans got almost completely soaked and began to stick to their hips. You can watch the Wetlook video with all the brightest moments of girl wetting. Girls moved deeper and deeper, until their clothes, including sweaters, were completely covered with water. We took a lot of Wetlook photos of girls posing in soaking wet jeans. Girls in soaked jeans always stood close to each other. But we also took several shots separately. Then Wetlook girls went to the big pool where we made a cool long video underwater. It looked fantastic and I really liked that underwater shooting. I will often perform it in the pool. Girls dived and water flowed down their wet clothes. Girl's jeans became heavy and began to fall down. So we tightened the tights above the jeans. Sister's hair also got wet. It was a really cool Wetlook shooting and I hope that we will work together with these two beautiful girls again.

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