Underwater Shooting with a Beautiful Girl in Wet Skinny Jeans and Sexy Bodysuit

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    Meet our new Wetlook model. This is Victoria - gorgeous leggy girl with a prime figure and good sense of humor. For today's Wetlook shooting, girl decided to put on high-waisted skinny jeans, pantyhose underneath, brown silk shirt and black faux leather jacket. We started our wet shooting with a Jacuzzi. Wetlook girl sat on the edge of the pool, dipping her feet inside. Her pantyhose and lower part of her jeans gradually became wet. Sitting on the wet tile, her skinny jeans got wet in the ass. Then young girl out on the faux leather jacket and lay down into the pool. She was waist deep in the water. Wet girl was overwhelmed with positive emotions, because she was posing in soaking wet clothes for the first time in her life. We took a short Wetlook video underwater in the Jacuzzi with the all details of girl's wetting. Victoria's leather jacket and jeans got completely wet and heavy and all her clothes were covered with water. All her clothes including shirt and pantyhose were soaking wet. When the model got up, the water flowed out of the jacket sleeves. Her hair got partially wet. Then girl in wet jeans hurried up to the big swimming pool where we actively swam and shoot underwater. We took a lot of bright emotional Wetlook photos in soaked clothes. it was very easy to work with this model because she was very joyful and she definitely knew what to do to look perfect in the photos. Soaking wet girl swam on her back in wet skinny jeans. Then girl put off her completely wet jacket, shirt and jeans and put on a black lace bodysuit over wet pantyhose and went to the shower. Wetlook girl looked very sexy in that wet outfit. The water flowed down her wet clothes and hair. Her pantyhose shone brightly. Her long hair was completely wet. In the end, girl in soaking wet bodysuit and pantyhose swam a little in the pool. Blue water contrasted beautifully with the girl's clothes. Hope to work with Victoria again, because she is a really gorgeous Wetlook model, who enjoy shooting process to the fullest.

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