Wetlook Model in Warm Sweater and Jeans Gets Completely Wet in Bath

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    This is Irina, and as her boyfriend is a very jealous guy, so before shooting, we surely agreed that he would be present during the process of soaking. So, today we met together and choose the appropriate outfit for a long time. But when Irina put on this winter outfit, I realized that this was exactly what we need. Warm red sweater, blue skinny jeans, pantyhose underneath it and black leather jacket looked perfect, and therefore we decided to take a bath in these clothes. The wetlook model initially began to pour water on her jeans, which gradually began to change color. Water flowed down girl's legs and jeans shone brightly. Irina's boyfriend helped me with camera flashes all the time, and also turned the music on and off to create a relaxed atmosphere. He really liked how his girlfriend's clothes gradually became wet and stick to her tender body. Meanwhile, the girl in wet jeans and pantyhose decided to continue and began to move up. She gradually poured water on her jacket and sweater, until they also became completely wet. Then the fully clothed girl lay down. The bath was filled with water, but we decided to slightly diversify the process of shooting, so we added some foam and painted the water in blue color. It looked unsurpassed. The wetlook model in completely wet jacket, sweater and jeans were very active, so she always changed poses, lifted her legs, and splashed the water. Wet pantyhose under the jeans shone brightly. A fully dressed girl also soaked her long hair. It was very hot, so the soaking wet girl decided to take off her jacket and kept on shooting dressed in a red sweater. Her warm sweater absorbed a lot of water and became very heavy, but the wetlook girl didn't mind. We also took a short action video of the shooting process. Iran's boyfriend liked this wet stuff very much, and what about you? So join and enjoy all the wet content.

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