Wetlook Model in Moms Jeans and Pantyhose Gets Completely Wet on Lake

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    It is winter now, so I want to warm you up and show this wonderful summer shooting. I am extremely glad that this charming girl has agreed to work with me. Olga already has a model experience, so it was a great pleasure to work with her. For this wetlook shooting, the young girl decided to put on high-waisted mom jeans, black pantyhose underneath it and black blouse with no bra. To begin with, the fully clothed girl decided to lie on the sand, but she immediately got up and rushed to the lake. Having stepped into the water, the wetlook model felt that her pantyhose gradually became wet. Then the fabric of her jeans began to absorb moisture and her pants also gradually became wet and changed the color. We specially chose these jeans, because we knew that they would look cool in the water. The girl sat down on the shore, lowered her legs into the lake and began to splash the water. Water splashes fell on her jeans and blouse. The wetlook girl gradually slid down into the water, and now her jeans and pantyhose became completely wet. Lying in shallow water, the fully dressed model raised her legs and watched as water flowed down her shiny jeans and pantyhose. Drops of water also fell on the blouse, and it became wet too. We took the video of the whole wetting process, and you can see all the details of girl's shooting. When the girl's blouse and jeans became totally wet, the model got up and went deeper. Here, the blonde girl jumped and had fun. Her jeans became heavy, and black blouse tightly stuck to her naked body. In conclusion, the girl in soaking wet clothes tilted her head back, so her hair became partially wet. We also made a video of this moment. It was a wonderful wetlook shooting with a talented girl in a super outfit. I hope you will also like the cool moms jeans, and the way how it gets completely wet. If you like it, join and enjoy all the wet content.

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