Wetlook Model In Elegant Business Suit Gets Completely Wet in Bath

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    This is my favorite model Yana, and this means that some new wetlook shooting is waiting for you. Yana is always carefully preparing for every shooting, because she is extremely fond of wetting. Therefore, for today's event, the young girl even bought new business suit and we decided to try how it would look like when it became completely wet. The wetlook model put on green trousers, pantyhose underneath it, black T-shirt and jacket. We decided not to waste time, and to start our action shooting sooner. To begin with, the fully clothed girl soaked the pantyhose on her feet. We took a lot of photos of wet pantyhose. Then the girl got up and began to pour water on her trousers. Girl's trousers gradually got wet, changed the color and tightly stuck to her legs. The girl in wet pantyhose actively changed her poses and even did not notice how fast all the clothes became wet. She was so captured by the shooting process. Then the soaking wet girl took the hose and then began to pour water on her trousers and jacket. The wetlook girl liked how she looked like in that wet clothes, so she made a few selfies. Then the girl in the wet trousers, pantyhose and jacket lay down in the bath with a lot of foam. We made many awesome wetlook photos of the girl wearing completely wet business suit. At this time, Yana's hair got completely wet too. In the end, the girl put off her wet jacket and kept on posing wearing soaked T-shirt that gently stuck to her breast. It was a fantastic wetlook shooting. I really liked this wet business suit, especially when it became completely wet. It was a good idea to wear this suit. I made a lot of great photos and super action video. I hope you like this final wet result, since Yana show really ideal posing, as usual. She is really a top model. So, join to watch more photos with beautiful Yana.

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