Wetlook by Passionate Brunette Girl Dressed in Soaking Wet Red Dress and Pantyhose

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    People say that red is a color of passion. But when we chose the outfit for today's wetlook shootings, we could not even imagine that final result would be so seductive and great. Undoubtedly, now this is one of my favorite wetlook sets. Just look at this fantastic model and you'll understand everything right away. Well, to begin with, we always carefully selected the outfit, and this time we decided to choose something extravagant and feminine. Therefore, the brunette girl put on a red long dress and black pantyhose. The red color extremely fits the girl, so she looked particularly awesome in this dress. To start with, the fully clothed girl filled the bath with water, but before entering the water, we decided to take some photos in dry dress and pantyhose. Then the girl sat on the edge of the bath. The wetlook model thought that it was very banal to simply make her clothes gradually wet, as you used to see. So she decided to diversify her posing. She was engaged in sport, so it was easy to do something interesting and extraordinary. I was simply delighted with her active and flexible posing. In the process of wetlook shooting, girl's pantyhose and the bottom of her dress became wet. Then the girl in wet clothes knelt down and started to splash the water. We made a lot of cool and emotional shots. I used a studio light in order to successfully convey the shine of wet clothing. I guess you noticed the difference and you really liked it. Then the young girl gradually fell down into the bath and at that time her dress and hair became completely wet. Her dress tightly stuck to girl's body and she looked so seductive. To make our shooting even more interesting, we decided to paint water. It was a great idea, because her red dress looked fantastic in the background of blue water. In the end, we made a few wetlook photos of the girl dressed only in wet pantyhose, which shone so beautifully. It was incredibly shooting, and you should definitely have to join to enjoy this spectacular shooting.

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