Wetlook by Long-Legged Model in Soaking Wet Tights and Shoes with High Heels

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    Since it is winter now, I am glad to show you another summer shooting and this bright blonde wetlook model. Svitlana is extremely fond of shooting and posing in wet clothes, so we decided to meet at the lake. She is a very sexy girl with a great figure, so for today's shooting, we have chosen an outfit that maximally shows all her beauty. The girl put on a floral bodysuit, black pantyhose, high-waisted mini skirt and shoes with high heels. To start with, the fully clothed girl decided to make some photos on the shore in dry clothes. The wetlook model lay down on the sand and as a result, her pantyhose and bodysuit became dirty. Then the girl decided that it was time to enter the water to wash the sand away. Then the fully dressed model sat down in the shallow water and began to play with wet sand. Her pantyhose finally got wet. When the girl began to splash the water with her feet, her shoes also became wet and dirty. But the girl liked this and she was not going to stop. The wetlook model got up and started to move further into the lake. It was hard to walk in such shoes, so the girl took it off, but then put on shoes again. Svitlana is a very flexible and active girl, so the posing was very diverse, and all her clothes quickly became completely wet. Girl's bodysuit and skirt stuck to her body, and her hair was also completely wet. Then we decided that it would be cool to take off her soaking wet skirt and continue posing wearing just bodysuit and pantyhose. The girl looked very sexy in such outfit. Her pantyhose shone brilliantly and it looked amazing. The girl in completely wet bodysuit and pantyhose was having fun and jumping in the water and she was extremely happy. There was a lot of laughter and water splashes here. We took a video of the whole shooting process, and you have a great opportunity to view all the details of girl's wetting. So, join and enjoy all the wetlook content.

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