Wetlook Activity with Cool Girl in Completely Wet Jeans and Blouse

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    This is Sofia, and she already has experience as a wetlook model. The girl already made her clothes completely wet before the camera flash for two times. This time the brunette girl decided to swim in the pool. The young girl put on blue skinny jeans, black pantyhose underneath it, light blue blouse and black bra. To begin with, the wetlook model sat down on the edge of the pool, dipping her feet inside. Sophia began to splash the water with her feet, and drops of the water fell on her jeans. Her pantyhose became wet, and dark wet stains appeared on her blue jeans. Then he fully clothed girl gradually entered the water. Girl's jeans became dark and brilliant. Then the girl took a rubber ring and lay down on it. The girl fell down into the water and climbed up again. There was a lot of fun/ This time, her jeans and shirt became completely wet. The process of girl's swimming was very entertaining and active. I took the wetlook video of the process of getting wet, so you can take a look at this wet activity. Then the girl in soaking wet pantyhose, jeans and blouse began to squat in the water, so that only her head was over the water. Her blue blouse stuck to her body, and the girl looked very sexy. Then the wetlook model tried to swim a bit, and at that time her hair became completely wet as well. It was very active shooting with a super active and joyful model. You can view all these cool photos in our wetlook archive. Just join and enjoy all the wet content to the fullest.

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