Water Games with Two Girls in Completely Wet Clothes

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    I want to introduce you these two wonderful girls. There are Ira and Katia, and they just do not imagine their life without fun. Therefore, even today's shooting was like a fun game. In a word, you just have to see it. For today's shooting, the young girls put on similar outfits - blouse, tight jeans and socks. The wetlook girls also took toy water pistols to play with. It should be cool. To start with, the fully dressed girls took water gun and began to pour water on each other. The dark wet spots, which gradually became larger, appeared on girl's blouse and jeans. Then the girlfriend decided to go down into the lake. They sat down on the lake shore, lowering their feet into the water. Their socks became completely wet. Then the wetlook models took wet sand and began to throw it on each other. At this time their blouses and jeans became not only wet but also completely dirty. So the wet and dirty girls went further into the deep water and here their jeans got absolutely wet. Then the Wetlook models took a bucket and began to pour water on their clothes, in order to wash the dirt away. The water flowed down girl's wet blouse and jeans. Now there was no one dry place on girls' clothes. But girls liked these wet feelings because it was very exciting. In the end, Ira sat down on the inflatable ring, and Katia threw her into the water. It was really fun. We made a lot of cool wetlook photos, and also took videos of the whole shooting process. Join and enjoy this joyful shooting with us.

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