Underwater swimming by fully clothed girl in ripped tights

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    I want to present to you Ekaterina. This pretty girl already has Wetlook experience, and she liked to swim completely dressed, so she wants to make her clothes wet again. For this time, we choose a jacuzzi with a large swimming pool. For our soaking, we picked up two cool outfits. For the first part, the Wetlook model put on black skirt, gray tights, blouse and jeans jacket. We traditionally began out wet shooting with the gradual wetting of clothes. Firstly, the girl started to splash the water on her tights, till it got wet changed the color, became darker. Then Katia gradually slipped into the water and her skirt, and then blouse and jeans jacket gradually became to get completely wet as well. Girl's hair also became wet. Then the fully clothed girl took off her jeans jacket, which was not only soaking wet, but also very heavy and decided to take a shower, still in wet clothes. The water quickly flowed down her wet skirt and tights, which became brilliant. Then the Wetlook girl made a solution to change her outfit. She took off her soaked blouse and skirt, and put on a gray bodysuit on wet tights. Her bodysuit immediately absorbed the moisture, changed the color and became darker. The Wetlook girl in the wet clothes solved to go back to the pool and swim a bit. Here she noticed that her tights were ripped and the girl decided to tear it. We took the video of this "ripping" process. Then the soaking wet girl in torn tights swam underwater in the pool, and we took a long, beautiful video of her swimming too. Watch some free wet photos, but if you want to view all the Wetlook content, especially underwater video, please join us.

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