Underwater Shooting with Young Lady in Completely Wet Jeans

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    You already know this charming girl from our previous Wetlook. Our first shooting was in the bathroom and Bogdana liked the feeling of getting soaking wet. This time we decided to take a photo shoot in the pool, and for our wetting we chose two beautiful looks. Girl prepared two pairs of jeans, white T-shirt and jeans shirt. To start with, Wetlook model decided to put on blue jeans and blue shirt. As soon as the girl sat down in the pool, she felt that the fabric began to absorb water and her jeans gradually became wet and dark. Since Bogdana also put on pantyhose underneath her jeans, it also became completely wet. Since it was very hot in the room, the fully clothed girl decided not to waste time, but to make her clothes wet faster in order to cool down. Then the girl lay down so that only her head was over the water. At this time, girl's shirt also got fully soaked. The wet shirt tightly stuck to girl's body. We took short wetfoto video of wetting the girl. Then the fully wet girl left the pool, took off wet clothes, and put on black jeans over her wet pantyhose. It was funny and even a little difficult to put off wet jeans as it tightly stuck to the girl's feet. As the pantyhose were already wet, the girl's jeans also got soaked. In the pool young lady swam in an inflatable mattress, splashing water. Then she dipped her hair into the water and it got wet too. Then we decided to change the location and went to the big pool where we took a very interesting underwater video of the process of swimming. Girl's jeans stuck to her ass and emphasized the beauty of girl's figure. Here, the girl in completely wet clothes dived and had fun. We made a lot of cool Wetlook shots. At the end of the shooting, girl's pantyhose torn on the heels, but Bogdana did not bother. You can watch the short free preview video and several wetfoto photos that will show you some moments of girl's wetting. I hope you will like this Wetlook.

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