Underwater Shooting with Pretty Fully Clothed Girl in Pool

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    For our new photo shooting, I invited a new model Victoria. This beautiful girl already has model experience and she really loves to be photographed. For our wetting we decided to put on skinny jeans, black pantyhose underneath and red blouse with no bra underneath. We also chose pool with jacuzzi as a Wetlook location. As it was very hot, so girl solved not to waste a time and began swimming. We pumped the mattress and went to make clothes completely wet. At first, girl's pantyhose got soaked on her feet. Then sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi, fully clothed girl was splashing the water and her jeans gradually got fully wet. Then the Wetlook model in wet jeans knelt down and her blouse got wet too. Girl's blouse changed the color to darker and began to stick to her naked body. Then Victoria sat down on the mattress and began to swim on it. During this process, she soaked all the clothes. Girl's wet blouse seemed to merge with her bare body and it looked fantastic. Her hair got dripping wet too. We took very active video of the swimming process. The Wetlook girl in soaking wet clothes looked very natural and she liked this wetting process so much. It was very fun when she dipped her head into the water. After that, we took underwater Wetlook video. It's very interesting to watch how girl's clothes look like under the water. When the girl stood up, water perfectly flowed down girl's wet jeans. Victoria felt very comfortable in completely wet clothes. In the end, we put off wet jeans and blouse and put on black sexy bodysuit over wet pantyhose and went to the big pool. Wet pantyhose shone brightly. It was a cool wetfoto shooting and I hope you will like it. As usual, some free preview photos and videos which will show you the atmosphere of our Wetlook.

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