Underwater Diving by Fully Clothed Girl in Skinny Jeans and Pantyhose

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    I want to introduce you some free WetFoto photos and short Wetlook video with a completely clothed wet girl. The shooting process took place in the big jacuzzi with our new beautiful model Lilia. For wetting, we chose our classic Wetlook outfit - skinny jeans, black pantyhose underneath it and red checkered shirt. This foxy girl is a very active model so we got very active shooting. To begin with, the fully dressed girl dipped her feet into the pool and her jeans gradually became to get wet. It also changed the color to dark blue and tightly stuck to girl's hips. Her pantyhose got wet too. A fully clothed Wetlook girl went down and was standing waist-deep in the pool she decided to lay down, so that only girl's head was over the water. At this time her checkered shirt also became completely wet. Not losing a time, the girl in wet skinny jeans soaked her head, so her hair got dripping wet. The model dived underwater, so only her ass in wet jeans was above the water and we took extreme Wetlook photo and video shots of the process of girl's diving. The model in soaking wet jeans and pantyhose was jumping, spinning and posing in variable flexible positions in the water. During this wet occasion, her pantyhose got torn on her heels. In the end, the fully clothed wet girl swam in the big pool. Our mission is fulfilled - the girl in skinny jeans was totally wet from head to toe. Now all her clothes - jeans, pantyhose and shirt were completely wet. You can view free preview photos, but if you want to get full access to this Wetlook shooting, please join us.

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