Two Fully Clothed girls Have Fun and Get Soaking Wet in Bath

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    You have already got used, that I always invite one beautiful Wetlook model to make her clothes completely wet. But one model is good, and two wet girls are even better. Moreover, today Alina offered to become completely wet with her friend Anastasia. The young girls were full of enthusiasm, so they decided to prepare for their wetting by themselves. When we entered the bathroom, they put on black pantyhose, jeans shorts, T-shirts and sneakers. Girlfriends dressed in the most comfortable clothes, because they are not going to sit still. Both girls are very funny, so our shooting is going to \ be very interesting. To begin with, the fully clothed girls got into the bath and started to pour water on their sneakers. Then they gradually began to move up. Their pantyhose became wet and brilliant. Girl's jeans shorts also gradually began to get wet and change the color. Then the girls in wet pantyhose and sneakers sat down on the edge of the bathtub. The Wetlook girls poured water on each other's clothes. Their wet pantyhose shone brilliantly and the water flowed down their wet sneakers. Then the girls in wet clothes decided to give water a blue color. The girls lay in the bathroom in completely wet clothes and ate lollipops. They looked like children - joyful, carefree and wet from head to toe. The girls in wet T-shirts and jeans shorts splashed the water one by one and just had fun. It was a super emotional wetfoto shooting Then the girls got up. The water quickly flowed down their wet hair and clothes. In the end, the soaking wet models put off their wet sneakers and poured water out of it. We took a Wetlook video of the whole process of this crazy shooting. We made a lot of steep wetfoto shots. At the end of the shooting, we paid attention to the girls' feet in wet black pantyhose. Brilliant pantyhose looked so effectively. As always, you can view free preview photos that will show you a small part of the process of Wetlook shooting. Join us to watch all the wetfoto content.

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