Studio Wetlook Shooting with Awesome Girl in Floral Dress and Black Pantyhose

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    We want to present to you a new Wetlook shooting in our photo studio. We already get used to spend our shootings at the lake or in the jacuzzi with a large pool, but today we wanted to try something new. For this wet shooting, the girl decided to put on a red floral dress and black sexy pantyhose. We decided not to waste time and start our wetting faster. The fully clothed girl took a bright yellow hose and began to pour water on her pantyhose. Girl's pantyhose gradually become wet and brilliant. The girl in still dry dress was sitting in a black bath, which was gradually filled with water. The Wetlook model gradually sat down and continued to pour water on her pantyhose until it became completely wet. Then the girl poured some shower gel into the water. Her black pantyhose and foam on it looked very beautifully together. Then the girl started to splash the water and have some fun. At this time her dress got also gradually wet. Girl's pantyhose were covered with foam. Then the girl fell down into the water. Now her floral dress became completely wet and stuck to the body. In the process of getting wet, we made a lot of cool Wetlook photos and video. In the end, the Wetlook girl in the completely wet clothes took a shower and began to pour water on her hair and clothes in order to rinse the foam. It looked really great, and even seemed like the girl was getting wet in the rain. I like shooting in the studio, because there is a completely different atmosphere. It was a really interesting Wetlook experience. You can watch some free wetfoto photos and if you like it, please join us to see all the content.

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