Spontaneous Wetlook with a Beautiful Girl in Faux Leather Skirt in Bath

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    I am a creative person and I really love spontaneous decisions. And today's Wetlook shooting was exactly like this, because my friend Olga called me early in the morning and said that it would be great to take a bath in clothes this evening. Not wasting a time I immediately agreed. Since we had very little time, so the girl decided not to change her clothes, and get soaking wet in jeans she was already dressed in. But suddenly we found in the studio red faux leather skirt. It was a breathtakingly cool find, because the girl looked simply unrivaled in this skirt. The girl also put on pantyhose and a blue jeans jacket. This outfit extremely suited her, so we decided to start our wetting. I want to add, that for today's shooting, we used our new location - a spacious white bath with a red tile on the walls. Having arrived at the place, we immediately entered the bathroom. The bathtub was already filled with water and foam. The fully clothed girl sat down on the edge of the bath, lowered her feet to the water, took a shower and started to spill the water on her pantyhose and skirt. Large drops of water dripped down girl's red faux leather skirt, and the pantyhose became brilliant. I also fix this process on video. Then Wetlook model in wet pantyhose and skirt fell down into the bath and at that time her clothes including jeans jacket became completely wet. It looked fantastic. Girl's jeans jacket became wet and very heavy too. The girl's hair also became almost wet. The fully clothed model in soaking wet pantyhose and jeans jacket was laying in the bathtub in various flexible poses. Olga completely relaxed in the water after a hard working day. I liked such a spontaneous Wetlook shooting, especially with such girls, who sincerely loves bathing in the completely wet clothes.

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