Pretty Woman in Business Suit Takes a Shower and Get Wet in Clothes

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    I am really happy to work again with this beautiful girl, who loves sports, fitness coach Victoria. For today's wetlook shooting, we prepare a business outfit - black tights, skirts, white shirt with no bra and shoes with high heels. We began our shooting in the kitchen, where the girl decided to conduct a little experiment. The girl put on warm brown tights over black one. Then the wetlook girl continued to pose, wearing two pairs of tights. Posing in the kitchen we partially soaked the shirt and tights. Then Viktoria took a folder with documents and entered the bathroom. Here, the fully clothed girl sat down on the edge of the bath, lowered her legs inside, and felt that her shoes quickly filled with water and changed the color. It looked very cool. Then the business girl took the shower and began to pour water on her tights and skirt, until it got totally soaked. Girl's wet clothes began to shine and changed the color. Then the wetlook model started to pour water on her shirt, that gradually got completely wet and began to stick to her naked body. She looked so sexy, and her posing was so flexible. Then the girl in wet skirt and shirt decided to lie down. Now all her clothes became totally wet. The fully dressed girl lay and raised her feet above the water. During the shooting process, girl's hair also became wet. Then the soaking wet model took off her shoes, got up and continued to pour water on her wet clothes. We made a lot of great wetlook photos and action videos. In the end, the young girl took off the skirt and continued to pose dressed in wet tights, which looked like leggings. Having made a few photos, the girl in wet shirt took off those pantyhose and we continued our shooting. It was really great shooting. Join to feel all the atmosphere of this wetting.

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