Long-Legged Girl in Business Clothes Makes her Pantyhose Soaking Wet

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    Our wetlook model Natalie, already has the experience of bathing fully clothed. Last time she was dressed in a business suit, and so this time she decided to wear a similar outfit. The young girl simply adores classic clothes, so for today's shooting, she solved to choose a gray high-waisted skirt, black pantyhose, white blouse and high heeled shoes. We decided to start our shooting with a jacuzzi, where the fully clothed girl slowly soaked her shoes. Next, she began to splash the water on her pantyhose, which finally got soaking wet. The girl raised her legs, and then quickly dropped them into the water - there was a lot of splashes around. Girl's black pantyhose became wet and brilliant. Then the wetlook girl in skirt and blouse got up and went to the shower. The water poured on her clothes, and in the result, her blouse, skirt and pantyhose became completely wet. Natalie is a very active girl, so her posing was very flexible and interesting. She raised her legs and skirt up. It was fun and cool. The wetlook model was so busy with the shooting process that she did not even notice that her hair got fully wet. Her wet blonde hair looked incredible under the shower. After a versatile posing in the shower, Natalie came back to jacuzzi. There she dives underwater and had fun. We made a lot of cool wet photos. We also made several wetlook photos and cool video of a girl wearing pantyhose, without skirt. The long-haired girl in wet pantyhose looked simply incredible. The girl in business clothes continued to lie in jacuzzi, her wet blouse and skirt tightly stuck to her body, but the girl did not pay attention to it, and simply enjoyed the moment. Join and enjoy these great photos with us.

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