Long Haired Girl Makes Her Jeans Completely Wet At The Lake

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    This long-haired model is Dasha. She is very fragile and extremely beautiful girl. It is a great success to work with her because she is very photogenic. For today's wetlook shooting, we decided to go to the lake and choose a casual and comfortable outfit. The young girl put on blue jeans, beige pantyhose underneath it and white T-shirt. To begin with, the fully clothed girl decided to have some, so she lay down on the sand. Her clothes became dirty, but it was very funny. Then Dasha began to go down into the water. Her pantyhose became wet at her feet. Then the fully dressed girl began to splash the water with her legs, and now her jeans and pantyhose became partially wet. Then the wetlook model in dry T-shirt decided that it would be great go ashore again and pour sand on her wet jeans. Now girl's jeans became dirty. On the shore, we made some great action photos, and then she entered the lake again. A fully dressed girl was walking in the water, and her jeans gradually became wetter and darker. The beautiful girl splashed water on all clothes, and finally, Dasha's jeans and a T-shirt became completely wet. As the weather was rather cold today, so the girl in completely wet clothes decided not to make her hair wet too and go ashore to put take off her soaking wet Tshirt, pantyhose and jeans as fast as possible. Although this wetlook shooting was pretty short, we made a lot of great photos in completely wet clothes. You can watch all these photos if join So, join us and enjoy all the wet sets, that we prepared specially for you.

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