Fully Clothed Girl in White Jeans and Shirt Get Completely Wet in the Pool

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    Here is my new Wetlook shooting with Tatiana. Today we arrived at a picturesque location - small wooden houses, a large outdoor swimming pool and green forest around. What could be better? For such Wetlook shooting, we chose the appropriate outfit. The long-haired girl put on white skinny jeans, white shirt and gray socks. The weather was wonderful, and we were in the right mood. We started our wet trip near the small pool. The fully dressed girl sat down on the floor and then slowly dipped her legs into the pool. The water temperature was just perfect for swimming. Girl's socks and the lower part of her jeans became wet. The Wetlook girl really liked this feeling, when wet clothes tightly stuck to the body, so she decided to continue her soaking. The young girl jumped in the water until her jeans became completely wet. Then Tatiana sat down waist-deep in the water and began to splash the water. Water splashes fell on her shirt and hair. It looked very impressive. At this time, the girl's shirt also became completely wet and stuck to her pussy body. Then the girl in completely wet clothes lay down and began to raise the legs, splashing water. Her long hair got wet as well. We took a lot of great emotional photos because Tania is a very active and positive girl. We also took Wetlook video of the girl's wetting and entertainment process. When there was no leave any dry place on girl's clothes, the Wetlook model decided to go to the big pool. The girl in wet jeans and shirt lay down on the stairs, that leads into the water. She looked very sexy. Given the fact that there were a lot of people resting around, the girl drew attention to herself and all people were enthusiastic about the process of shooting. Then the girl decided to swim a bit. Her jeans and shirt seemed to be merged with the girl's body. In the end, Wetlook girl decided to take shower, where we also made some interesting photos. I really liked this location and this gorgeous girl, of course. Hope we will definitely come back here. But now, watch the short preview video and join to enjoy all the content.

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