Fully Clothed Girl in Skinny Jeans and Leather Jacket Gets Soaking Wet in Bath

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    This is Olga - my new wetlook model. She is very pretty and sporty girl, so this shooting is going to be great. For this wet adventure, the young girl decided to put on a classic outfit - blue skinny jeans, black pantyhose underneath it, light blouse and black leather jacket. We also choose this big white bathtub in my photo studio as a location for our wetting. To start with, we traditionally made some photos in dry clothes until the bath was filling with water. The fully clothed girl looked at the water, and the only thing she wanted at that moment was to make her clothes wet as soon as possible. So the brunette girl sat down on the edge of the bath, took a hose and started pouring water on her jeans and pantyhose. Her pantyhose gradually became wet and began to shine. The wetlook model continued to pour water until her jeans got completely wet too. Then the fully clothed girl got up and kept on posing in completely wet jeans that tightly stuck to her buttocks. We took a short wetlook video and you can clearly see the whole process of getting wet. Then the girl continued to pour water on her jacket and blouse. The water flowed down girl's leather jacket. Then the girl in wet jeans knelt down and began to splash the water on her jacket. Everything became wet and brilliant. Then the model in completely wet clothes took off her soaked jacket and lay down into the bath. Now all her clothes became absolutely wet. Her hair also became completely wet. As I said at first, Olga was a very sporty girl, so her posing was very flexible and diverse and we did a lot of great wet photos and video. Join and enjoy all those great moments of our wetlook shooting.

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