Fully Clothed Girl in Jacket, Jeans and Tights Get Wet by the River

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    This is my good friend Olya. She has once already taken part in Wetlook shooting. And now she wants to repeat this wet experience. This time Wetlook girl decided to wear blue denim jacket, checked shirt, tight jeans and pantyhose underneath. The girl loves jeans style very much, so she chose this outfit for shooting. By the way, I agree with Olya, because jeans clothes look very cool when they are completely wet. Since the river was mournful, Olya solved to put on black socks to make it easier to walk in the water. Fully clothed girl was wearing pantyhose so that the upper part can be seen above the jeans. It looks pretty interesting and unusual. Wetlook girl made her first step into the river. Her socks and the bottom of pantyhose and jeans immediately became wet. The deeper the girl walked, the wetter and darker her jeans became. Partially wet girl began to splash the water and play with it. Water splashes fall on her jacket and shirt, and dark wet spots appeared on her jeans clothes. Then soaking wet girl moved further into the river, and her jacket became completely wet and heavy, so Olya decided to take it off, remaining only in a wet checked shirt. Then fully clothed wet girl lay on a concrete slab in soaking wet jeans, shirt and pantyhose just enjoying how cool she looks in completely wet clothes. It was great Wetlook and you definitely should see it.

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