Cool girl in wet clothes lying in the pool full of water

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    We want to present to our new aqua studio photo session with Tatiana, who already had some experience as Wetlook model. That time, the girl in a sexy jeans outfit was swimming in the lake. Since Tania is a very positive person who loves to smile and fun, we chose a rather curious outfit for this shooting. The model put on a red skirt, black pantyhose and checkered shirt. She also made a cool hairdo - two naughty ponytails. The shooting took place in the pool and to start with we began to pour water on her pantyhose and skirt with the help of a watering can, and as a result, the fully clothed girl gradually got almost wet. Then we began to pour water from a hose on girls shirt and pantyhose. At the same time, we kept on to fill the pool with water. It became wetter and wetter in the pool. Girl's pantyhose absorbed water and began to shine. Since her pantyhose were dense. It became to look like leggings while getting wet. Girl's wet skirt tightly stuck to her hips. Then we added some foam into the water. There was a lot of splashes and emotional shots as the models liked the process of shooting and enjoyed every single moment of her wetting. The fully clothed girl in wet pantyhose splashed the water with her feet and played with foam. In the process of Wetlook shooting, we used a variety of lighting. In addition, we took action video of the process of girl's wetting. At the end of the shooting, her hair got soaking wet too. In the end, we made some dramatic dark photos of a fully dressed little girl with her clothes covered with of a lot of water drops. Then, the Wetlook girl took off her wet skirt. Now the girl was dressed only in a wet shirt and pantyhose. Undoubtedly, it was a really great wet experience for the girl.

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