Brunette Girl Dressed in Pantyhose, Cute Dress and Boots Gets Soaking Wet in Bath

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    We want to introduce you our new wetlook model - beautiful brunette girl. This is Olena, and when she came, I looked at her and how she looks and I really liked it. So we decided not to change clothes for shooting. The girl was dressed in a cute little dress, black pantyhose, black leather jacket and boots with high heels. We just decided to add accessories such as a small red bag. The girl told me, that she repeatedly was pushed into the water in her clothes during walks, so she surely knows how the girl feels wearing completely wet clothes. We started our wetlook shooting with a short posing in front of the mirror. Then we filled the bath with hot water and the girl in dress and pantyhose slowly dipped her legs inside. Water gradually leaked through her boots. Then the completely dressed girl took the shower to start pouring water on her dress and jacket. The wetlook model also filled the bag with water and then poured it out over and over again. These were really emotional shots. Then the girl took a shower again and poured water on her clothes until it completely became wet. Then she sat down and began to splash the water and move actively. We made a lot of emotional and funny photos. There were more and more water in the bath and more and that is why the girl decided to lie down. We took a cool action video. The wetlook girl in soaking wet clothes raised her legs, and the water was flowing down her pantyhose and boots. Her hair also became completely wet. In conclusion, the girl in a completely wet dress and jacket took off her wet boots and continued to pose in wet pantyhose. Olena is a very active and emotional girl, so she got a lot of pleasure during the shooting process, and I hope that we will meet again soon. Join and enjoy these wet photos to the fullest.

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