Blonde Girl in Yellow Pantyhose and Jeans Clothes Gets Soaking Wet on Lake

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    I want to present our summer wetlook shooting with this beautiful blond girl dressed in yellow pantyhose, jeans shorts and light blue shirt. It was a warm summer day, the weather was just perfect for swimming fully clothed. To start with, the young girl in jeans outfit walked along the lakeshore, then sat down on the ground and began to pour sand on her pantyhose. The girl was actively playing and throwing sand, and as a result, her pantyhose became completely dirty. Then the wetlook model decided to enter the lake to wash the dirt away and clean her clothes. When the girl made the first step into the water, she felt a pleasant coolness. However, her pantyhose became clean and wet. Girl's pantyhose changed the color, become bright. Walking in the lake, the fully clothed girl accidentally stumbled and fell down into the water. Her jeans shorts became wet at once. It was very funny. Then the girl in wet pantyhose again went ashore and landed on the ground. Wetlook model kept on playing with wet sand and splashing the water on her shirt. Girl's shirt immediately became wet and tightly stuck to the body. Then the blonde girl went deeper into the water, where she jumped and had fun. There was a lot of laughter and water splashes. The fully dressed girl sat down in the water and then got up sharply. The water quickly flowed down her wet shirt, shorts and pantyhose. In the process of shooting, girl's hair got wet too. Finally, all girl's clothes - pantyhose, jeans shorts and shirt got soaking wet, but she liked these wet feelings so much. We made a lot of cool wetlook photos and took emotional video. It was very easy to work with this girl because she was extremely positive and active. I hope you will also appreciate our work. So join, and enjoy all the wet content.

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