Beautiful Girl in Tight Shorts and Pantyhose Take a Bath Filled with Flowers

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    For our new Wetlook photo session, we decided to fill the bath with water and throw inside a lot of flower petals. All this creates a very gentle and romantic atmosphere. I think that every girl would like the idea to take a flower bath. My new Wetlook model also liked this idea and surely agreed to pose. For this shooting, the girl chose a comfortable, but very pretty outfit. The girl decided to take the bath in super skinny jeans shorts, black pantyhose and white shirt. The fully clothed girl was very curious about feelings that occur while bathing fully clothed. At first, the girl lowered her feet into the water and felt how her pantyhose gradually became wet and brilliant. She liked this feeling so she decided to continue her wetting. When her pantyhose became almost completely wet, the girl in jeans shorts added some foam into the water and then began to spill the water on a still dry part of her pantyhose with a shower. Then Wetlook girl noticed flowers and we decided to make some pictures with it. The fully clothed model threw flowers into the foamy water. Then the girl in wet pantyhose got up and started to pour water on shorts and shirt. The water flowed down girl's clothes. Her wet shirt stuck to the body and jeans shorts changed the color. Then the completely wet girl lay down so that only head was above the water. It was very unusual, but at the same time, it was extremely intriguing for the Wetlook model. We made a lot of photos and videos of a girl lying in the water in varying poses. The flowers added colors to the photo. The soaking wet girl splashed the water, then began to rinse the foam from pantyhose and shorts. At the end of the shooting, when the girl was lying in the foamy water among the flowers, her hair also became completely wet. In conclusion, she got up and water flowed down her hair and face. It was a very impressive photo set with a super cool wet girl. You may watch some free preview photos and videos, that will show you the general atmosphere of Wetlook shooting.

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