Beautiful Girl in Skinny Jeans and Bright T-Shirt Gets Soaking Wet on Lake

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    It is just a pleasure to work with such beautiful girls, especially on such a wonderful day. The weather is wonderful, so we decided to go to the lake to make our clothes completely wet. For today's Wetlook shooting, the young girl put on casual clothes - blue skinny jeans, bright yellow T-shirt and black comfortable shoes. I should say that this girl has not just a beautiful figure, but also a luxurious long hair, and I just can not wait when she becomes soaking wet from head to toe. To start with, the fully clothed girl approached the lake and took a few steps into the water. She immediately felt that her shoes were filled with water and became wet inside. The bottom of her jeans also gradually became wet and changed the color. Then the fully dressed girl made a few more steps. With every step, girl's jeans became wetter and wetter, but she liked this very much. Then the Wetlook girl decided to have some fun and jump in the water. Water splashes were all around, and it was very joyful. Gradually, the young girl moved further into the deep lake and her jeans got absolutely wet. Then the girl in wet jeans began to splash the water with her hands on her still dry T-shirt in order to make it wet too. All her clothes gradually became soaked and brilliant. Wet jeans tightly stuck to the girl's feet, and it was a rather unusual sensation. Then the girl in wet jeans and the T-shirt lied down into the shallow water, and at that time her hair became partly wet. We took a short wetfoto video where you can see the process of getting wet. I really enjoyed working with this Wetlook model, because she is an extremely active and energetic girl. We made a lot of great wet photos, some of which you can see in our free preview. Watch and enjoy this beautiful Wetlook.

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