Beautiful Girl in Skinny Blue Jeans Gets Completely Wet at the Lake

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    When I met Julia before the wetlook shooting, she was dressed in super-skinny high-waisted blue jeans and shirt. At that time I immediately realized that that was the perfect outfit for our shooting. This young girl is a very positive person, who always smile. Since it was very hot, we went to the shallow lake, with no people around. The girl put on black pantyhose underneath jeans, as I love and she also dressed a black leather jacket. At the beginning of our wetlook shooting, the fully clothed girl put on shoes and when it got soaking wet, she decided to put it off, since it was difficult to walk in it. Before entering the lake, the girl fell down on the sand and we made several photos in still dry clothes. Then girl gradually started her wetting with the shoes. Then her pantyhose and the lower part of the jeans also got wet. A fully dressed girl liked this wetlook process and she wanted to continue this wet adventure and finally make her clothes soaking wet. The beautiful model got up and went for a walk in the lake. Her jeans were almost soaked, and you can be sure of this by watching our action video. The girl's ass was partly wet and looked great in these jeans. Then the girl posed at the shore in the shallow water, where she knelt down, splashing the water on her jeans and jacket. Then she gradually got into the water and the jeans became completely wet. It was so emotional. We took a lot of super cool wetlook photos. The girl jumped and had fun, and the water flowed down her wet jeans. Then she went deeper into the lake. Here, the girl in wet clothes jumped out of the water with a lot of splashes. It was a really great shooting with a lot of water splashes and positive emotions. Join us at and you will be delighted with this wetlook shooting.

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