Active Wetlook by Young Girl Dressed in Completely Wet Jeans and Golf

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    I am glad to represent you this charming Wetlook model. For today's wetlook shooting, we chose a cool outfit with super skinny jeans, pantyhose underneath it, blue golf and shoes with high heels. She also wore no bra underneath her golf. We chose the pool as a location for our shooting. To begin with, a completely dressed girl traditionally walked around the pool, where we made several photos in dry clothes. Then the girl sat down on the edge of the pool, dipping her feet into the water. Girl's shoes quickly filled with water, and her light jeans also gradually absorbed moisture and began to change the color. Then the girl in the wet shoes began to splash the water with her legs, till her light jeans became half wet. Then the wetlook model decided to go to the jacuzzi and continue her wetting there. The young girl was standing knee-deep in the water. She had fun and danced in the water with a lot of splashes. We took a short video of all these exciting moments. When her jeans became completely wet, the girl sat down and began to splash the water on her still dry golf. Dark and wet spots appeared on girl's golf, and when it became completely wet, it tightly stuck to her naked chest. It looked very seductive. The wetlook model was so enthralled by the process of shooting, so she rushed back to the pool. I want to say, that she looked fantastic in completely wet jeans that successfully highlighted her wonderful figure. During the shooting, the fully wet girl showed very active and flexible posing. Her jeans were wet and brilliant, and golf was dripping wet too. But there was still something to do. The wetlook model lay down so that her hair was completely covered with water. Now her hair also became wet and it was wonderful. Then the soaking wet girl slowly got up, and water quickly flowed down her golf. Finally, we took some underwater photos and you simply must see it. It was an extremely fun and active shooting that is definitely worth your attention. So, join and enjoy this wet girl.

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