Young Girl in Suede Jacket, Tight Jeans and Boots Gets Soaking Wet in Bath

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    You already know Anna from our previous Wetlook shootings. Today I decided to work with this beautiful model again. She liked my idea of getting fully wet in clothes and this time we made a solution to soak in the bathroom. This time we choose warm clothes - brown suede jacket, light shirt, jeans, black pantyhose underneath it and boots with high heels. Young girl looked very nice in tight jeans because it highlighted all the advantages of model's slim figure. Wetlook girl lay down in the bathtub. Girl's jeans, tight and boots gradually get wet. her wet jeans became heavy and changed the color to darker. Her suede jacket and shirt were wet up to her chest. Everything got wet and changed color. Girl's shirt stuck to her body. We recorded Wetlook action video of the process of getting wet in this outfit. Then girl put off soaking wet jeans because they were very heavy and decided to put on tight faux leather trousers over her wet pantyhose. Brown trousers began to change the color and gradually became almost wet Fully clothed Anna took the shower with her hands and began to pour water on her trousers and jacket. The water flew down her faux leather trousers and her ass looked especially good in these wet pants. When Wetlook girl lay down into the water, her jacket got completely soaked and became heavy. We took a lot of action shots, where the water flowed out of the jacket sleeves. Completely wet was really impressed of this soaked clothes. It was very difficult for girl to get up being soaking wet. In the end, she took off her boots and splashed the water with her legs in pantyhose. At the end, Wetlook girl soaked her hair. I liked these Wetlook clothes so much. I guess it was a perfect outfit for Wetlook shooting.

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