Wetlook model in Skinny Jeans and Leather Jacket Got Soaking Wet in Shower

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    You have already seen this beautiful Wetlook model because we were working with this pretty girl for many times. Olesia knows that successful Wetlook result very much depends on the clothes you chose. So girl carefully looked for the perfect outfit for this shooting and finally decide on dark skinny jeans, black pantyhose underneath, sexy bodysuit, leather jacket and shoes. As for me, this is a perfect outfit to get soaking wet in. At first fully clothed girl started to pour water on the shower stall glass. We took a lot of interesting shots and action video. Wetlook girl was so enthralled by this process that she did not notice how fast her clothes got completely wet. She really liked this feeling of heavy wet clothes on her body. Then young girl took up a shower and began to pour water on her skinny jeans and leather jacket. All her clothes, including pantyhose and bodysuit got completely wet. Girl's dark hair also got wet, and to tell the truth, it looked amazing, because wet long hair began to shine beautifully. Then, sitting on the chair, wet model kept on to pour water on her soaked jeans, which seemed to merge with her legs. The water flowed down Wetlook model's long legs. Then fully clothed wet girl came to the bathtub filled with water and lay down inside. Her jeans and leather jacket got wet and heavy, and it was quite uncomfortable to pose wearing such soaked clothed. So at the end of our Wetlook shooting girl put off her dripping wet leather jacket and jeans. Now she was wearing just black sexy bodysuit and pantyhose, which already got soaking wet. Her pantyhose shone brightly. Completely wet girl looked really gorgeous in this outfit because she had a great figure. She posed in the shower and water flowed down her face and body. We finally took some more Wetlook photos. I got a lot of positive emotions while working with this wet model. Hope, we will work together again.

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