Wetlook by Sexy Girl in Tight Jeans, Jacket and Bodysuit in Bath

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    After a long time, Victoria got back to us again. She can not imagine her life without Wetlook, and for this reason is my favorite model. It is just a pleasure to work with her. We chose the bathroom for today's wet shooting because we have not yet shot in such a Wetlook location before. The girl chose super tight high-waisted jeans with a leather belt, light pantyhose underneath, dark gray bodysuit with no bra, black faux leather jacket and high heeled shoes. Beautiful also wore a massive necklace around her neck. Victoria is a very energetic and merry girl so it is always interesting to work with her. We started to make our clothes wet in the shower. The fully clothed girl Wetlook began to pour water on her skinny jeans and jacket, till they got soaking wet. Her jeans and bodysuit immediately changed the color and began to shine beautifully. Her faux leather jacket was also soaked and got heavy. All the process of getting wet was put on the Wetlook video. Then Victoria took off the wet jacket and lay down in the water. Soaking wet girl loves wearing jeans clothes, so she feels comfortable in wet tight jeans. The fully clothed girl was very active and flexible, and she quickly changed her poses. Wetlook girl splashed water and there were a lot of splashes all around. Her skinny jeans stuck to her hips and ass, and it looked very seductive. The girl's hair also got wet. When there was no dry place on the girl's clothes, Victoria decided to take a shower, still fully clothed. She began to pour water on her dripping wet hair, bodysuit and jeans. Water flowed down her beautiful face and elegant figure. I am extremely pleased with the results of wet shooting, because Victoria is not just a beautiful and sexy girl, but also a great Wetlook model, so every wet photo is definitely worth your attention.

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