Wetlook by Brunette Girl in Soaking Wet Jeans, Shirt and Sneakers

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    Meet Bogdana - our new Wetlook model. This is the first shooting experience for her, especially in such wet conditions, so Bogdana was very responsible when choosing clothes for this occasion. At first, we thought of choosing an elegant business suit, but when she put on skinny jeans, I just imagined how luxurious she would look when it became completely wet and stick to her slim legs, so I realized that this was the most successful choice. Wetlook girl also wore black short T-shirt, red checked shirt, tight blue jeans and pantyhose underneath. She also wore black sneakers. Fully clothed girl has an extremely beautiful figure, so these clothes are extremely suitable for her. To begin with, we made some photos in dry clothes on the lake shore. Long haired girl played with sand and poured it on her jeans until they became dirty. Girl decided to go into the water to make her jeans clean. When she stepped into the lake, the water quickly leaked through the material of sneakers. The shoes became completely wet inside, and when she stepped up, her wet sneakers were making funny sounds) It was pretty fun. Then fully clothed girl moved forward into the deep water. With every step her jeans became wetter and darker. Then Bogdana began to pour water on her still dry shirt and t-shirt, till all her clothes became soaking wet. Her wet shiny jeans seemed to merge with her hips so that it was difficult to put it off. I want to notice that Bogdana looks very sexy in completely wet skinny jeans, and you just have to look at it. At the end fully wet girl lay down on the shore, with her hair covered with water. And now all her clothes - jeans, pantyhose, t-shirt, shirt, sneakers and even hair were soaking wet. Our wet model is extremely satisfied with her Wetlook, because today's experience turned out to be really great and wet. Watch our Wetlook photos and video, and make sure that this girl is definitely worth your attention. So, to the next meetings with Bogdana.

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