Underwater Wetlook Video with Fully Clothed Wet Girl in Pool

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    Lenght:14:47 min
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    I love photo shootings with different pretty girls and today I invited new Wetlook model Kristina. She is a very beautiful dark-haired girl with a really cool figure. We carefully prepared for this Wetlook shooting. We choose the outfit to get wet in for a long time and finally made a decision to put on super skinny light jeans, pantyhose underneath it and also took few different shirts. To start with, the fully clothed girl's sat down on the edge of the jacuzzi bath and girl's jeans soaked on her ass. You can perfectly see wet part of model's jeans because it got darker in color. When girl's skinny jeans and pantyhose got completely wet, she stood waist-deep in the water and we made some video underwater. The tight jeans on the model's ass looked extremely cool. Her brown shirt was also fully soaked, changed the color and stuck to her body. Then Wetlook model lied down in the water. We took a lot of great wet photos of the fully clothed girl lying in the jacuzzi bath full of bubbles. Then we decided to change her soaking wet shirt and put on another one. The Wetlook girl in skinny jeans put on a white shirt over her wet bare body. She had no underwear underneath her shirt, so when girl gradually got absolutely wet, her soaked white shirt glued to her breast and highlighted all the beauty of her gorgeous figure. After wetting in jacuzzi we hurried up to the big pool and made some Wetlook when the fully clothed girl was swimming. Girl's hair got dripping wet too. It was a really active underwater shooting full of action and positive emotions. The Wetlook model was extremely satisfied with swimming fully clothed and next time Kristina is going to make her jeans soaking wet in the bath. Enjoy this Wetlook set and keep in mind that free wet photos and video preview are available for everyone.

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