Swimming by Soaking Wet Blonde Girl in Sexy Tights, Mini Skirt and Shoes with High Heels

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    I'm sure you have already had time to fell in love with this charming blonde girl, because Olga is one of my favorite Wetlook models. Each time we try new outfits, and this time we decided to choose sexy clothing - black mini skirt, light blouse with no bra underneath, pantyhose, black gaiter and shoes with high heels. This Wetlook outfit suits her so much, and I can only imagine how she will look when her clothes get soaking wet. Let's get it started. Fully clothed girl carefully stepped into the water. Her high heeled shoes instantly filled with water and get dripping wet. Olga felt a pleasant coolness between her toes, but besides her shoes became not only wet but also very heavy. It was difficult to walk, so Wetlook girl decided to take it off. Fully clothed girl filled her shoes with water and started to pour it into her pantyhose, skirt and blouse. Her pantyhose, gaiter, mini skirt and blouse became soaking wet. Her skirt tightly stuck to her hips, and wet pantyhose became shiny. Dripping wet blouse seemed to merge with her slim, bare body. Then Olga began to swim, still fully clothed. While swimming, her hair also got fully wet. Now she is wet from head to toe, and there is no dry place on her pantyhose and blouse. Soaking wet girl plays with her wet hair, so there are lots of water splashes all around and it is really funny. Wet girl jumps in water, has fun and just enjoys her Wetlook to the fullest. To tell the truth, it was definitely one of the most active and jolly Wetlook. Watch our wet action video and take pleasure with us.

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