Swimming by Beautiful Girl in Wet Skinny Jeans, Jacket, Soaks and Sneakers

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    We have long planned shooting with Mariana, but today we finally decided to do it. The redhead girl chose a very cool and comfortable outfit - tight blue jeans, beige shirt, light denim jacket with lace sleeves, socks and sneakers. In my mind, this is the best clothes to get completely wet in. Not wasting a minute, fully clothed girl stepped into the water. Emotions overwhelmed her. This is a very cool feeling when the water is slowly leaking through her sneakers and socks. Wetlook girl feels the water flowing through her toes. Going further into the water, her skinny jeans get wet and change the color - become darker and more intense. Wet girl begins to splash the water. Sprays of water spread on her jacket and shirt and all around. Wetlook girl has fun and jumps in the lake because sneakers are more comfortable than high heel shoes. All the brightest moments of girl's wet entertainment you can watch in our wetlook action video. Then Mariana moves further into the lake. Now her jeans jacket and shirt are also soaked. Her denim jacket also gets wet and heavy, so soaking wet girl takes it off from time to time. When fully clothed girl jumps, the water flows down from her soaking wet jacket and jeans. It looks extremely cool. The sun shines brightly, so wet clothes shine, and the color is simply fantastic. Wetlook girl also offered to take an inflatable mattress and to swim with it a bit. This is a good idea. When the sun began to sit down, the girl lay on the shore in shallow water. Her hair also became wet. Girl's sneakers, jeans, shirt, jacket and hair are completely wet and Mariana is extremely happy. It was a really joyful and cool Wetlook that you should definitely see.

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