Sexy Girl In Leather Jacket and Leggings Smokes in Jacuzzi

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    I want to introduce you this beautiful girl in an extremely extravagant leather outfit. Of course, all the girl's girls who wear leather clothes, look especially attractive and seductive. So for today's Wetlook shooting, this girl put on a black leather jacket, lace bodysuit with delicate lingerie underneath, leather leggings, pantyhose and sneakers. Our new Wetlook model made a cool make-up and hairstyle for this wet event. Traditionally, we began our shooting with the slowly wetting of sneakers. The fully clothed girl sat on the edge of the bathtub, took a shower and started pouring water on her leather leggings and a jacket. The water gradually poured on girl's wet clothes but it was an impression that girl's jacket and leggings were still dry. In order to make sure that all her clothes became completely wet, the Wetlook model sat down in waist-deep in the water and with and started to pour water with her hands on the leather jacket and bodysuit. I took a lot of Wetlook photos in dim light and it looked very sexy. When the fully clothed wet girl lay down in the water again, she began to move and change poses quickly. It was very flexible and active wet posing. Wetlook model liked the feeling of soaking wet leather clothes on her body very much. At the end, the completely wet girl smoked the electronic cigarette and we made some Wetlook photos with smoke over the water. In the end, the girl in wet leather leggings took off her dripping wet jacket and completely soaked her hair. It was rather non-standard mysterious Wetlook shooting, but I really like all these wet videos and photos.

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