Fully Clothed Girl in Leather Skirt, Bodysuit, Pantyhose and Boots Get Wet in Milk Bath

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    One of my Wetlook models introduced me to one gorgeous girl. Katia is a beautiful tall girl with an appearance of the obvious leggy - model. Today we chose a bath for our wet shooting. I gave her a choice to choose clothes to get wet in, and she decided to put on black faux leather skirt, jacket, blouse with lace inserts, black pantyhose and boots with high heels. In the beginning of our shooting girl gradually made her tights, skirt, blouse and jacket fully wet with the help of shower. When the girl's outfit got fully wet it started to shine brilliantly. Here Katia noticed a shower gel and started to pour it on her pantyhose. Her clothes and water got foamy. When girl was standing up, the water flowed down from her wet clothes. After this girl solved to change out of her wet clothes. Model took off her wet jacket, blouse and faux leather skirt and put on sporty shiny black bodysuit. In this soaking wet outfit we continued our Wetlook shooting with classic flexible posing. Then we poured into the bath five liters of milk and take a bath in it, still fully clothed. Katia has never made her tights and bodysuit wet before, so it was very exciting to take a bath fully clothed. When fully clothed girl laid down into the bathtub full of water with milk, she felt rather unusual sensations. Wetlook girl was having fun when she posed in soaking wet clothes. Her hair also got soaking wet. Model looked really awesome in these wet tights and bodysuit. Then, we made several great photos and movie of taking a shower. Katia liked Wetlook shooting very much and we will do another one when she will be in my city again.

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