Flexible Fully Clothed Girl Dancing in the Water

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    Beautiful model Irina here with us again. You definitely have seen her in our previous Wetlook works, and hope you have already fallen in love with this charming girl. She is a beautiful slim girl who is actively practicing sports. For our today's shooting, we went to the river with a big bridge, where we made a lot of cool pictures. The water was pretty warm, just perfect for swimming, so we decided to put on jeans shorts, black pantyhose, brown T-shirt with no bra underneath, black leather jacket and light shoes with high heels. As soon as the fully clothed girl entered the water, she noticed that her pantyhose had torn, but this has not prevented our shooting process. Girl's shoes and pantyhose became wet at once. Since Irina had a small handbag, she filled it with water and began to pour it over her leather jacket. Splashes of water were scattered all around, and all wet photos convey that unusual beauty. The water flowed down from her wet and heavy jacket, so brunette girl decided to put it off. During the Wetlook shooting, young girl in wet pantyhose was very active and showed extraordinary flexibility, so we took a lot of interesting wet shots. Girl in wet clothes was so keen on Wetlook shooting, that she had not even noticed how all her clothes - jeans, shorts, torn pantyhose, T-shirt and shoes got completely wet. Even her long hair became dripping wet. Then soaking wet girl put on a hat and began to swim in air mattresses. Wet model always fell off it and it was very funny. Also, during wet shooting, we made a long Wetlook video of the whole process of girl's wetting and swimming in the river. This video also clearly shows Irina's flexibility and sports training. I was extremely fascinated with our Wetlook shooting, because in result we got a lot of amazing wet photos with a super flexible wet model.

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