Beautiful Girl in Soaking Wet Jeans Clothes and Red Sneakers in Pool

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    It is autumn and it means that we select sauna as a location for our Wetlook shooting again. And today Vlada want to try herself in the role of Wetlook model. What can I say about her? Just look at this wonderful redhead girl in tight blue jeans and the seductive red bodysuit and you will all understand for yourself, because Vlada looks fantastic in these clothes. Wetlook girl also wore jeans waistcoat, socks and red sneakers. It is very comfortable to swim in such jeans clothes, and it also looks really cool while getting completely wet. To begin with, we made several photos in dry jeans, waistcoat and bodysuit. It was warm enough, so fully clothed girl lay on the edge of the pool, dipping her feet in the water. Her sneakers immediately filled with water and became wet inside. Jeans also gradually get wet and change the color. Then Wetlook girl went into the water. Completely wet girl was so carried away by the posing that she had not even noticed that her clothes gradually became wet. Her jeans became darker and brilliant. Vlada is a very active girl, so the process of our Wetlook shooting was very fun because fully clothed girl all the time splashed the water on her jeans and bodysuit, which tightly stuck to her wet body. Then soaking wet girl took off her dripping wet sneakers and played in the water with her legs in wet socks. At the end, soaking wet girl decided to swim a bit. While swimming, her red curly hair also became completely wet. Soaked girl left the pool, the water flowed down her wet jeans and bodysuit. Vlada likes it so much that she wants to try herself in Wetlook again. So, see you soon.

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