Beautiful Girl in Skinny Jeans and Blouse Get Soaking Wet in Jacuzzi

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    Today I am going to work with a new Wetlook model. This is Aliona, and she has no experience in Wetlook modeling. For today's wet shooting, young girl chose blue skinny jeans, tights underneath it, striped blouse with short sleeves and shoes with high heels. We decided to start our soaking in the big Jacuzzi where the beautiful girl gradually made her clothes soaking wet. Firstly, her shoes, tights and skinny jeans, and then her blouse and even hair got completely wet. The Wetlook girl was so excited about the process of shooting, that she even did not notice how quickly her clothes became soaked. Model wanted to make her jeans and blouse wet in order to calm down because there were too hot in the Jacuzzi. After that, girl hurried up to the big pool filled with brilliant blue water where the fully clothed girl floated on the air cushion. There was a really interesting lighting in the Jacuzzi, so the color of the water was fantastic. The wet girl put on glasses to make several photos and it was a pretty good idea because drops of water looked great on it. The Wetlook girl liked that feeling of wet clothes, although her wet and heavy jeans dragged her down. In the end, we went to the shower, where she kept on to pour the water on her wet blouse and jeans, that stuck to her body. We made a lot of beautiful Wetlook photos of the wet girl in shower. I really liked girl's outfit especially her wet skinny jeans, which suit her so much. This shooting in soaking wet clothes gave her good impressions and made this Wetlook unforgettable.

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